Thursday, February 21, 2008

1UP previews Street Fighter 4 + movelist has a new street fighter 4 preview featuring the whole movelist of all the GDC build's characters.

from the article: "Currently, the most obvious Super Turbo influence on Street Fighter IV's game system is also, arguably, its most welcome: no air blocking. That's right, kiddies. If you grew up with the Alpha/III series, where getting across the screen usually meant jumping around with little to no consequences, you're going to have to learn some OG ground-game techniques before this thing is released. Antiairs mean something in Street Fighter IV. Shoryukens are genuinely dangerous."

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Anonymous said...

I like very much the way this is handled in SF3. You can't block in the air, but you can parry. This way you're not always safe, it's a risk you have to take and it's more fun.

Anonymous said...

Amen. The removal of the parry is absolutely dumbfounding. It was the greatest innovation in the series since the combo. Ono claims it was because it was too tricky for the casual gamer and yet SFIV will let you cancel your Saving Strikes mid-animation by dashing, then do an EX move, dash cancel the EX move, and continue linking EX moves with dash cancels?!!! Easy.......right.

Anonymous said...

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