Thursday, February 21, 2008

gametrailers new HD offscreen videos

Gametrailers is now featuring new HD offscreen gameplay videos of Street Fighter 4 that looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS
These are really the best gameplay videos we have seen so far. The HD makes the characters look alive and kicking.
and who else besides me think both Dhalsim and Honda look and move so beautifully?

Check out the Videos here


John Tinning said...

Honda could look a bit better, but cant wait to try him. If anyone gets too close, saving attack then 100 hand slap??

Didn't like Crimson Viper at first, but after seeing those clear vids, can't wait to try her :D

Anonymous said...

to John tinning, what do you mean by trying her? i cause i wanna try her too but not sure if we are thinking abt the same meaning hehehe

Anonymous said...

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