Thursday, February 7, 2008

Behold: The SF4 Arcade cabinet and new screenshots

My oh My! isn't this an amazing week :D, the offcial website of the japanese magazine features now the first look at the STreet Fighter 4 Arcade cabinet as well as screenshots for all the confirmed characters so far (the 8 world warriors + c.viper).
The article that features the screenshot is of course in japanese and i am still looking for some translation that i will post as soon as it becomes available.

The screenshots are just amazing, it also shows some new game elements like the following screenshot: look at the way chun-li is blicking the kick!! Really Street Fighter 4 is coming along nicely

To check the New Screenshots galore click Here
To check the Arcade Cabinet pictures click Here

Source: Famitsu



danest said...

omg cant wait for it to come out..but i thought it was supposed to be release in japan the 12th for arcade?

James said...

WOW... those screen shots just made me even more excited about Street Fighter... it feels so fresh, at the same time so old school...

Cant wait

Suzaku said...

Not entirely confident with translating the technical information on the fighting system, but here's a rough translation of the character profiles.

The Goddess of Beautiful Kicking Skills

An agent of the ICPO who fights using magnificent kicking skills. To find her missing father, she became a detective at the age of 18. Feeling that the shadow of Shadoloo needs to be annihilated, she launches an investigation with Guile.

The Vaccum Edge

A soldier who belongs to the US Air Force. To avenge his the death of his best friend, Nash, at the hands of Vega, he vowed revenge. Using a combination of martial arts and his own techniques, it's said that he can slice through anything. Believing that behind the scenes, Shadaloo is behind more than a few events, he springs to action.

The Devotee to Profound Insights

The training monk who draws out the powers of Yoga. He hesitates to fight, for fear of harming others, but to save the village where his family lives, is once again weilding the techniques of flame.

The Visiting Hot-Blooded Sumo!
E. Honda

A wildly popular sumo wrestler who always attracts a lot of attention. Though he has moved on from the status of Yokozuna, his skill level is said to still merit that rank. In order to show the "Wide World", he leaves behind the Sumo World and travels in a world tour.

The Body that Burns Red

A Russian pro-wrestler called the Red Cyclone. His sturdy body is always flowing with patriotic blood. Yearning to fulfill his promise to protect the children and prove his strength, he plunges himself into battle.

The Jungle Warrior

A child who survived a plane crash in the jungles, and grew up as a wild child fighting alone in the wilderness. Toying with his opponents, he fights with instinctive movements. To make his mother proud, he sets out to travel the world.

Anonymous said...

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