Thursday, February 7, 2008

Street Fighter: The later years part 8: The tournament begins

The talented folks at have just released Part 7 of the SF later years series, this is also part 1 of the 2 parts finale of the series.

Let The tournament Begin:


Evil Honda said...

screw SFHD, screw SFIV, The Udon comics and the SOTA action figures. Street Fighter the Later years is the best thing to happen to the franchise since Super SFII Turbo and the anime!
I have shown al seven parts of his series to 12 differnt people who only remeber that shitty movie and the awesome game and they love what College Humor has done! I say Bravo!

I unlike my friends am a geek, so forgive me for saying "screw" all the great stuff SOTA UDON and CAPCOM are working on. I can not wait for SFHD, SFIV or the comic and toys to continue!

Anonymous said...

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