Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bios translation of the unveiled SF4 cast

Shoryuken forum user "jigsaw" was able to get hold of the translated Bios of the recently unveiled partial cast of Street Fighter 4. After reading the bios it seems that shadaloo is still not completely destroyed.
This time It really looks like we are really getting a true sequel to Street Fighter 2. Yet i still hope that we will get a new boss instead of fighting bison again.

The Interpol agent with magnificent kick techniques. To search for her missing father, she became a police officer at the age of 18. Despite having driven Shadaloo to destruction, she can still feel its shadow loom, so she starts a new investigation together with Guile.

Soldier in the US Air Force. He swore vengeance after his close friend Nash was killed by Vega. Guile uses martial arts, infused with original techniques said to tear up everything in their path. Suspecting Shadaloo to still be operating in secret, he joins Chun-Li to challenge them.

The ascetic master Yogi from India. Though he always hesitates to harm others, to save his family's village, Dhalsim's flames will burn once more.

Like no-one before him, Honda is the popular sumo wrestler who always gets everyone's attention. He's ranked as Haridashi-Yokozuna [denoting, as far as I understand it, that he is just outside Yokozuna status], but it's known that Honda is a Yokozuna-class sumo wrestler. In order to promote Sumo world-wide, Honda sets off for a Sumo world tour.

Pro-wrestler from Russia known as "The Red Cyclone". Hot blood and patriotism is always pumping in his burly body. To honour the promises to children who adore him, Zangief throws himself into the fray to prove he is the strongest.

After surviving a plane crash as a child, Blanka was raised in the jungle as a wild animal. He developed his unique movement style as a way of avoiding being captured. To become a son his mother can be proud of, Blanka begins his journey.

source: shoryuken


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