Saturday, February 9, 2008 previews Street Fighter 4

The team was fortunate enough to be able to play test Street Fighter 4 at capcom's offices. However it does appear that they played the early version with only Ken and Ryu in it.
All in all, the article is an OK read, with no new information whatsoever.
The article briefly touches on the "saving" system but again nothing new in there, still it is a SF4 preview, and as fans of the franchise we HAVE TO read it :P

from the article: " As well as this, there's a new 'saving' move that allows you to charge up an attack that makes you temporarily invulnerable while moving towards your opponent: it's not a great offensive weapon, but it allows approaching the other fighter without jumping, which will be a key tactical move against irritating 'fireball followed by dragon punch' players. The sweetest moments of all, however, are when you finish an opponent off and the camera zooms in and around for the best angle of your fist smacking against their crumbling solar plexus."

To check the full article click here.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure if you read the article more in-depth you'll realise there is new information regarding the differences to Ryu and Ken. I.E. variations of the Hurricane Kick and differing leap distances.....

How did you not spot that in the CVG article?

Bboy05 said...

^at the guy above me
Actually man we knew about that

Anonymous said...

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