Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gamesradar SFIV hands-on

The team were able to hold SFIV arcade joystick and give the game a spin. The results? They loved it.
But from the article, it appears that these guys were only able to play as Ken and Ryu (the spetembre build maybe?) so there is no new information regarding the confirmed characters besides the main heroes.

from the article: Like, for instance, Ken's hurricane kick not travelling as far as our man from Japan's, or the deadly mini-jumpkick of Ryu's that leaps over an attempted sweep and delivers a foot to the jaw. They even jump in different arcs. After beginning as the same character model, the difference between them now - from facial expressions and voice to their reactions when hit - is palpable, and adds hugely to the sense of one of videogame's greatest rivalries.

to read the full article click here


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