Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Street Fighter 4 Character Revealed!!!! let's welcome Abel

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen! a new Sf4 character has been revealed, and according to ign his name is Abel and he sure does look like a cool character that fits easily into the Street Fighter world.
From the pictures released by ign and his outfit he does look that he uses Sambo or jiu-jitsu fighting style which is a new addition to the SF roster styles.

From the ign article:The new World Warrior is Abel. Described as "a man without a past," Abel has gathered what little clues he can as he searches for remaining members of Shadoloo. As his tag line suggests, he has a terrible case of amnesia.

ps: is it just me or he does look like a beefed up Joe from street fighter 1? it will be so cool if turns out at the end that it is Joe who lost his memory.

EDIT: the Capcom community blog just released couple more new Abel screenshots check them here

source: ign


The S said...

Joe, huh? That would be interesting, and it would be cool to have someone who has only previously been in SF1 return. I still have high hopes for Geki, though.

Holy Roller said...

He does look awsome! Who in the world is Joe? I know of most of the street fighter characters and havent heard of joe.

strugler said...

@holly roller
Joe is a character that appeared in the first street fighter game and has never been shown since

check out his profile here:
and here is another pic of him:

Tide said...

he looks like a really boring and generic filler character

and if they dont add a new level then this game will suck

Anonymous said...

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