Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New famitsu Scans reveals too much goodness

The latest issue of Famitsu confirms shows for the first time in game screenshots of the original 8 world warriors including Guile (yayy), Chun-li, blanka, Zangief, Dhalsim and Honda, and they look just AWESOME.

The scans are attached to this post for you to enjoy.
Famitsu also confirms the rumored release date which is Summer this year (yesss only few months away). Famitsu states that this is an arcade release date so we do not know if the console versions will be release at the same time as the arcades or not.

According to the magazine, Ono also revealed that Capcom is trying to make another character (supposedly new) playable next week at AOU.

Wow this is a great month for Street Fighter fans, first this, friday a new character (s) will be revealed and a week later we will see the game in motion, indeed this is a Street Fighter anniversary.
You can also notice for the first time in those screenshots the user bars and ex bars.

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News source: negaf Forums
Scans source: Capcom Town


James said...

Goddamn... that was sweet

I'm hoping to see some Cammy and Vega
Can't wait

oblique said...

Yea the original 8 are in the game! I hope Guile doesn't pose like that in the game, looks kinda gay.

Akshay said...

As a fellow Street Fighter fan and blogspotter(?), I just wanted to say keep up the great work. Those newest releases by Famitsu are truly awesome, Dhalsim is the man!

Mad monkey said...

Chun-li's old kikoken animation is back and it is in 3d, and i know exactly which angle to turn the camera to in the replay mode lol

Anonymous said...

You said Blanka twice instead Honda.

strugler said...

@ anomymous
Thanx for letting me know, it is corrected now.

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