Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rough translation of the interview and saving system article in famitsu

Thanx to shoryuken forum member eruditemode we have now what appears to be a rough translation of the interview Ono san had with famitsu as well as what is written in the page that talks about the new saving system. Lot of new info here enjoy:

Title: "In the new system even more tactics have been created!"

First, I will introduce "Saving Attack." As I'm sure you can tell by the series of frames, Ryu stops a hadouken, and at that moment delivers a powerful hit to Ken. While you can read the same thing from Ono on the next page, what type of system this actually turns out to be, has yet to be revealed. But once we get news in, this magazine will be sure to pass it on.

Translation of Ultra Combo and Ono's interview section:

In our first report we were able to confirm the existence of the Ultra Combo. We received the newest photos, so we will now introduce it again. It seems that if you satisfy several conditions, you will be able to use the ultra combo. Given the name and the numerous conditions, it's probably not wrong to guess that the ultra combo will be positioned among a devastating attack.


Q1: First off, tell us about the concept behind the new character Crimson Viper.

Ono: In SF2, there is no "Cool Beauty." I wanted a character who could embody that phrase, and I also wanted to find out how such a character would interact and engage with the rest of the cast, so I used her. I want the new characters to ruffle up everyone thoroughly, so I plan on allowing her to be playable from the initial release of the game.

(personal note: time release characters Tekken style???)

Q2: I see. To change the subject, it's apparent that the OG cast from SF2 is playable. Please give us your reasoning behind this.

SFIV revolves around the concept of allowing players from the SF2 era, who are already acclimated with SF2 characters, to jump into SFIV quickly. For this reason, we embarked on creating the game by reviving the old characters first.

Q3: In the photos released to the public, we can confirm that there are 3 gauges available, what functions, exactly, does each gauge have?

Ono: Of course you can predict that one gauge is the character's life gauge. The second, you can probably guess that its the "super combo" gauge that appeared in SFIIX. The third gauge, all I can say for now is that it is related to the "recovery" [lit. coming back from death] 起死回生 system.

Q4: This gauge seems to be heavily related to "Saving system" and "ultra combo." What exactly are these about?


The "saving system" is NOT intended to be a "one hit, match over" type of deal. Its intended to be different from SF3's blocking system, a new "spice" that will be entirely unique to the SF4 experience. Regarding "Ultra Combos," all I will say that it will be a fireworks display larger than super combos themselves. (laughs to himself)

Q5: Fireworks, huh? (chortles) Lastly, any highlights we can expect from the AOU2008 playable version?

I want everyone to try out the new moves, see the unique world that SFIV presents, and be able to sense and feel the game. We're also looking to have some playable exhibits that feature characters not yet revealed to the public, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

source: Shoryuken