Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New GDC Street Fighter 4 Preview and videos from ign

The folks at Ign just uploaded a new hands on preview of SF4 as well as four High res off-screen videos of the beast that is SF4. I have been trying to download the videos for myself to enjoy but it is so DAMN slow as so many SF4 enthusiast like us are trying to get a glimpse of the game. i wish u GOOD LUCK!

From the article: "While the animated appearance of Street Fighter IV is easily the sharpest and slickest presentation of the fighting series, fighting fans can take solace in the fact that it plays exactly like previous games. Without looking at some of the move sets plastered on the cabinet, we were able to trigger most of our favorite attacks from memory"

To read the full article click here

The videos can be downloaded (or watched, or stared at while they are loading so horribly slow) from here
Let me know what you think of them ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice videos...keep em coming dude...let's fighting loveee

Anonymous said...

gametrailers has two new vids, one is crimson and blanka.

Anonymous said...

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