Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SS2THD remix rebalancing articles are back with a roaaar from Blanka

The fantastic re balancing SSF2T hd remix from David Sirlin are back after a long absence and they are certainly more that welcomed ;)
In this new article, Sirlin talks about re balancing Blanka for the remixed game.

From the article: "Blanka’s super is one of the worst in the game in ST, so it’s improved in HD Remix. The startup is faster and the recovery is faster so it doesn’t get hit back all the time on block like it did before. You can actually use it just for the sake of getting close and going for crossups, if you like. If the move hits, it will now always knock down."

While i am not a Blanka player this article sure does make me want to give it a try, heck i might go play some Hyper street fighter right now :P

source: Capcom