Tuesday, February 12, 2008

C.viper's new look ?

Remember all the angry comments about C.viper looking like an SNK character etc? well apparently Capcom does listen to the fans and just released today a new portrair of C.viper, it is basically the same one we had for a long time but with major facial changes.

The face was completely redrawn, also her belt buckle is now green and more apparent which makes me think that she uses it for her special "high tech" power. I am not sure how the changes will translate to the 3D model if at all.

Some of you might think that the changes are so minor, but it is really an improvement which makes C.viper look like a Street FIghter character now instead of an SNK one.

PS: The new look is the one on the right.

source: Kotaku


Anonymous said...

And bigger boobs! Yay!

Mad monkey said...

ok! now we are talking street fighter bad ass chick :D and not lesbian looking, prince face, snk female grappler

Anonymous said...

Although I think the changes to the face look good, I am not sure how you can say that those changes alone are what makes her a Capcom character and not an SNK one.

It was the clothing and hair style that made her look like an SNK character. The face was a minor adjustment at best, but her hair and clothes still scream like her design just came straight off of Flacoon's drawing table.

oblique said...

I personally do not care about the changes the made to C. Viper. I wasn't complaining about her in the first place she is a NEW character, I had never saw her before so no expectations on my part.

I think she looks more like a Vega (Bison) clone/doll, kind of like Cammy.

I would RATHER them fix Ryu more so than C. Viper. All in all it doesn't matter that much to me how they look as long as it plays good.

strugler said...

couldnt agree more with you!

Anonymous said...

C. Viper is an uninspired(unless you consider her inspired by KoF ;)) design that doesn't fit with the others. Period. The original designs were simple "World Warriors" with fighting styles to match. I can't believe she's wearing a business suit. LAME. C'mon Capcom! You can do much better.

The S said...

I actually like the original look better. Her face looks more realistic, and the glasses are sleeker.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the first look was cool she didnt really look like an snk character she just look like an top secret agent and she inspired me to make bad ass secret agent too. im an actual game designer so i call j-rush j stands for jahaida

Anonymous said...

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