Monday, March 17, 2008

In depth SF4 hands on preview from oxm

From all the numerous hands on preview i have read around the net, this one has to be the best. Not only it talks in details about the gameplay system, but it actually goes in details with every player confirmed so far (except Elfuerte). It also states that the dash canceling seen in early videos has been removed (im not sure how to feel about this)

from the article: "Proof of this comes in the removal of the 'dash canceling' technique seen in early gameplay videos. For those who want something a little meatier and a technical breakdown of how each character works, here you go... obviously it's all subject to change but this is how things stand with the characters right now!"

Click here to read the full article.


oblique said...

Yeah I was worried about Guile's sonic boom, it did look a little slower. I think they should speed the recovery time, or maybe the start up time. I know I haven't played it yet, but hope they make that change for Guile. Over the years he has probably been the most unchanged character in Street Fighter, they should let him keep his speed and retain his air priority with his flash kick. But the removal of air blocking does help him out quite a bit.

I am currently serving my ban sentence from capcomunity forums :( I will return on March 21st!

strugler said...

hey oblique, gotta agree with you on that, guile needs some improvement he was fine in 2d games but with only 2 special moves in this 3d game im not sure he can pull it out.
How did you get banned from capcomunity boards if you dont mind me asking?

oblique said...

Well one of their moderators was (I felt) being arrogant and somewhat uppity with his responses to myself and others forum post, opinions and thoughts. So I let him know what I thought about it in a decent way, I wasn't being belligerent in what I said. So first he started editing my posts, which I did not appreciate. The only thing I will say that I did go overboard on was that I took his avatar picture and put a big red X on it and made it my picture.

I will take full responsibility for that. I am just upset that my post was edited and I was banned without warning, never did he say anything to me at all. Never did he try to address me in anyway. I have been in many forums and I know there are some people that need to be banned with out explanation or communication. I do not feel that I was one of those people. Maybe I was a little harsh but I do not think so. You can go to the forum and look at my posts and make your own decisions. You can't see everything that was pointed out because it was edited by someone other than me. So some of what I said is taken out it was not my doing.

I think him banning me without saying ANYTHING or any warning or address anything is completely wrong and further shows his rude character. What I said had to have bothered him to the point where he felt like he had to do something that would upset me that I would have no control over. I am not saying that he is a bad moderator, he is just can be rude at times and very disrespectful of peoples opinions. I am not going to make a up a another name on there just to post I will just wait my stupid ban and try to talk to someone about it.

I wish that they had a rating for moderators or something cause right now it is going to seem like I have no validity. But the forum is there read what you like and form your own opinion.

oblique said...

As much as people hate on Street Fighter EX, honestly Street Fighter 4 pulls somethings from EX. The saving strike in SF4 is like the guard breaker from SFEX. The Ultra Combos seem to be like SFEX2/3 Meteor Combos. Which got me thinking, I hope they tone down the damage of the Ultra Combos when done in a combo. For instance in SFEX2/3 if you started a combo and ended it with a meteor combo then it would not take off as much life, compared to if you just OUTRIGHT hit someone with the meteor combo. Hopefully SF4 will follow that same train of thought.

oblique said...

actually I DO see why I was banned now. I looked around in the forum and read that you can been banned without explanation if you use profanity of any kind. Even if you try to mask it with characters (#@$), so that is probably why I got banned. I thought the light words would be okay like asshole and jerk, but I was wrong. I don't really use profanity at lot but if I DO use it, it is probably because that word fits someones actions. I don't have a problem with not swearing though. I'll let you know how things go after my bannage is up.

Anonymous said...

Is this moderator TAS? I hate him.