Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SSF2THD beta to be available with Commandos 3 on XBLA ! UPDATED

According to Gamespot, Capcom announced today that it will be offering free access to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta on XBox live with the purchase of Commando 3 this spring. No announcement has been made in terms of a Beta for PSN (THAT SUCKS MONKEY BALLS).

While i am trying to confirm with capcom if a psn SF beta will also be available, you guys can enjoy The new HD screenshots of the game.

Source: Gamespot

UPDATE: I contacted my good friend Seth Killian from capcom to see if the Beta is exclusive for Xbox 360 and here is what he said: “There are no plans for the SSF2T HD Remix Beta to come to PSN at this time.”


Anonymous said...

NICEEEEEE. its about time theres an update. I was beginning to think this would come out after Street Fighter 4. its looking good.

Anonymous said...

I thought they stopped making games for super nintendo.

Anonymous said...

I want to play this game so badly that i will take Commandos 3 only to participate the beta test. I even dont know what kind of Game Command 3 is.

Anonymous said...

That's cool, there are no plans for anyone on PSN to buy Commando 3 at this time either.

mad monkey said...

ok then fuck commando 3 i was going to buy it on psn but since capcom are giving us, psn users, the finger then fuck them aint buying it

Anonymous said...

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