Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's up with Super Street Fighter 2 turbo HD remix ?

You are probably wondering like everybody else why the long delay for releasing the most anticipated Downloadable game for this year? Capcom was very vague when answering the question, until now, over at the Official Capcom Digital blog, where the game’s producer, Rey Jimenez, explains in a lengthy post what is the cause of the delay as well as what the team had to do to overcome the problem. New game features are also announced such as the welcomed tournament mode.

From the article: "As previously mentioned, we’ve also been hard at work on the online features. Recent tech solutions dedicated to online play have really raised the bar on what it means to have lag-less input during online play. We’ve put a ton of time in meeting this expectation and are confident that SFHD will provide the best online console experience to date."

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