Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SF4 dev blog updates with screenshot of the 4 shadaloo kings!

Finally an update! and finally we get the first official pictures and screenshots of the 4 shadoloo kings in action. Producer shizowa updated his blog as well as the official SF4 website with the character bio for the 4 characters.
No mention of Rufus (the human pac-man) yet.

All in all they look great, Vega still has brown hair in the game while blond hair in the artwork a la Street Fighter II, Balrog has a very expressing face, Sagat looks menacing as ever while Bison just looks plain awesome.

According to people who played the game during the last Loketest, there is at least a place for eight characters to be added to the character select screen, here is hoping the new charcaters won't look like Rufus.

In the meantime enjoy the screens ;)
source: SF4 blog, SF4 website
Pictures source: capcom town


oblique said...

Hmmm I can't believe Bison is back. I really want to know the story now and how did SF2 officially end. AHhh this pisses me off.....sometimes I can post under my google name and sometimes I can't!

Akshay said...

Haha, awesome. Story-wise, I'm sure it'll work out alright...I'm just glad to have the old gang in.

Anonymous said...

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