Thursday, May 1, 2008

SSF2THD remix: rebalancing Guile


Part 12 of the ongoing article series about rebalancing the upcoming downloadable title SSF2THD just went online. In it, David sirlin talks about the changes that Guile went through to go from 16bits to HD.

From the article: " Guile’s roundhouse flash kick goes straight up very high in ST, and has no use I’m aware of. I’ve never seen a good US or Japanese Guile player use it in a real match, so it’s a ripe place for some new spice. Instead of traveling straight up, it now travels very far forward and diagonally up just a bit.

Guile players salivate at this newfound range, but it comes with a price. Great flash kicks come with great recovery. If blocked, it’s the most vulnerable move in the game. A fierce Dragon Punch is pretty vulnerable if you block it too, but Guile’s roundhouse flash kick leaves him pushed right up against you so that it’s very easy to time a combo as he recovers."

To read the full article click here

PS: yes that is Vandamme on the pic, the guy who played (very poorly) guile in the craptastic street fighter movie (pic taken from the capcom blog)


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the update. And hey, what else would we remember Van Dame from anyway??

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Van Damme did what he was told and was actually very good. The problem with the Street Fighter movie was the production, the writing and the directing. The actors did a fairly good job. Too bad everything else was a pile of junk.

oblique said...

No man there is no excuse for the POS shit street fighter the movie breaks for ANYONE...especially not Van Damme

Anonymous said...

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