Friday, May 2, 2008

RUMOR: Is this the end of the world ?: Capcom is not the one developing SFIV,

you probably have heard it by now that the latest issue of EGM states that Street Fighter IV is not developed by capcom but by Dimps.

If you dont know it already, Dimps is a company made by ex SNK people and was responsible for the less than stellar Rumble Fish games.

As soon as this news showed up on the forums online people went berserk, held torches in their hands and asked everybody to boycott capcom for this move.

If i knew this was the case before watching gameplay videos and reading previews i would have probably declared shennanigan on capcom. But now that i have seen how sexy is the game coming along i don't understand why are people so angry abt the whole thing.

Dimps developing the game does not mean they are making it. Ono San, who is the product manager of the game, is a loyal capcom employee who loves Street Fighter probably more than any of us and we all know he is overseeing every aspect of the project, also the art, designs, and models are all made by Ikeno san who was the main illustrator behind Street FIghter 3.

what "Dimps is developping" means is that capcom outsourced the programming to Dimps (which is located in Osaka few blocks from Capcom anyway) Capcom still owns the game and charcaters and capcom is the company that is making every decision about how thne game looks, play and sound as well.

Also remember this, the excellent Super Street Fighter HD remix is also not developed by capcom but by Backbone Ent. as publically stated by Capcom on several occasions, should people get angry about that too ???

My Advice? Just watch some hd videos of SFIV (make sure to re-watch the 3min characters trailer), drink a cup of Hot chocolat while you are at it and CHILL! SFIV has every chance to be THE best Street Fighter game ever made!


source: neogaf

EDIT: This stays as a rumor since capcom is not making any comment abt the story and probably wont. The post above gives only my opinion abt this rumor and abt the reaction fans had towards it. Some people mentioned in the comments section that Dimps is developing SFHD but we all know that SFHD is being developed by Backbone entertainmnet, hence David sirlin's involvement.


Nenos said...

See Please Here

Fenrir said...

I totally agree with what you said.
Who cares about who's doing the source code as long as Capcom is taking the decisions and deciding which direction the game should go?

Mad_monkey said...

Well said strugler,
screw you haters this game is gonna rock

Anonymous said...

Capcom is nortorious for their amazing work, especially on Street Fighter series. Street Fighter IV is mighty sexy looking so far, therefore, I'm looking forward to the game, doesn't matter who behind it, as long just make the game awesome. Well accept for Rufus design... thats another whole different story :)

YogaFlame said...

This entire story is incorrect. It's all the result of sloppy blogger-journalism. The comment about Dimps making a Street Fighter title were in regards to HD Remix, not IV. I don't know how people could just continue to parrot this BS story over and over. Dimps has no involvement with SFIV whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Yogaflame is right, this is about SFHD Remix not SF IV. Please Edit this post before too many people get the wrong idea.

From Da hood said...

yogaflame where the fuck are you getting this info? hd street is developed by bakbone we all know that

do you have the egm strugler is talking abt? no! coz if u had it you wont attack him like that

nigga anonylous above me stop being a monkey, yogaflame is wrong i have that egm you retards

-ihsanamin- said...



Anonymous said...

to make thing clear, here is an article of interview with Yoshiki Okamoto
he has mention about Dimps.

It doesn't matters if Capcom farm out their work to smaller company, however, I'm sure Capcom pay very close attention to it though. I will buy this game no matters what, it's a freaking sexy game.

Anonymous said...

da hoodlum read this. Please do a little back checking before making accusations

CN: You were involved in Street Fighter in the early days, and there have been a couple of things happening with the franchise that I'd like to ask about, like Super Street Fighter II HD Remix.

YO: I think I'm a little too close to this topic to really give any in-depth answers. Just quote me as saying that "I've seen it" and "I'm very interested." "I'd really like to play it." Let's just leave it at that.

YMG: Setting aside the fact that this is an interview though, how do you feel about it?

YO: It's just that I'm pretty well in the know on what's happening with the game. I tend to hear a fair bit about what goes on at Capcom. Also, Dimps is the company making it, and I share a pretty close proximity with them. Or rather, I should say that the president of Dimps lives in my apartment building, on the same floor, in the unit next to mine. (laughs)

Yuki: The two of you are neighbors?!

YO: Yeah. We're actually really good friends. We both originally worked at Capcom, though he'd been there a while when I started. We still talk all the time, I'll just say I know some things that I can't really talk about.

YMG: We're talking about SFIV, right? Not the SFII remake?

YO: Oh, that's what you meant. No, I actually don't know about that one.

Anonymous said...

Citation at street fighter IV forums

YogaFlame said...

Why do people refuse to ****ING READ? If you get SFIV from SSFIITHDRemix then you need to go back to elementary school.

oblique said...

SFIV not developed by Capcom?!?!?!!?!!!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuuohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is such a big DEAL, SUCH A BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! My life is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUCH A BIG DEAL!!!!! THE HORROR, THE HORROR. My face is SO SERIOUS right now, you guy have no idea how BIG OF A DEAL THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO actually as long as the game kicks major asset which it has so far then I care not who develops it....rumor or not.

Anonymous said...

lol yogaflame... right after you say that too, that's bad

Yurinka said...

As I know, Street Fighter IV is being developed (at least mainly) in Capcom of Japan. Exactly in a studio they have in Tokio, not in Osaka.

But who knows, maybe they outsourced to Dimps some part of the code, like the game engine or the console ports.

And BTW, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is being developed by Backbone in USA.

Anonymous said...

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