Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alternate costumes in SF4 confirmed!!!!!

The Mobile website of Street Fighter 4 cofirms an unexpected surprise.
Street Fighter 4, the arcade version for now, has alternate costumes for the characters. The website shows Chun in a new hot outfit.

In addition to that, SRK forum user ultima posted what appears to be a scan showing blanka in a safari outfit (say what?)

Check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what's under that skirt...

Mad_monkey said...

a pixelated pussy of course

Oscar Rios said...

blanka in a safari outfit?
aaaaaaaargh!!! it sucks!
fuckin idiots

The Grey Ghost said...

I'm eager to see C. Viper's alternate outfit... You figure it would be something casual, silly, or sexy?

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