Saturday, June 28, 2008

Street Fighter IV Arcade dated for Japan Release

According to the official Capcom blog, Street Fighter IV will be released in japan on July 18th, which means less than a month from now.

No word yet if the Arcade release will ever be released in the states or outside Japan.

Seth Killian also confirms that the game will be playable at this year san diego's comic con and the evo tournament.

source: Capcom unity blog

ps: July 18th is great day not only sfIV will be released but also the dark knight movie will premiere which i cannot wait for hehe


AKA SOMDOW said...

this blows....japan always getting the good suff first lol

i know its often that they get stuff that we NA players dont but in the case of street fighter, whats the probability of us NOT getting this...i think SF4 is a major player so, hopefully well get it. keeping my fingers crossed

Ross Burt said...

hey guys, get over to Kotaku to check out some awesome new sf4 posters!

Anonymous said...

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