Thursday, July 3, 2008

First look: Exclusive SDCC Chun-li SF4 statue

the streetfighterdevotion website has an exclusive first look at the 10" SDCC exclusive statue of the the fan favorite Chun-li.

The statue will be sold at 100 usd each and is limited to 700 units. Another similar 4" version will also be available at SDCC for 10 usd each.

Check the source for a full press release and more pictures of the statue.

source: via kotaku


oblique said...

what did she get a spray on tan, on top of her tights? They are wayyyyyyyyyy too dark

strugler said...

oblique :) she wears redish pants :) thats not her flesh, thats how it was since sf2 days.

Abdelilah said...

Does it come in full size?
(i just have a huge tv don't go think stuff)

Anonymous said...

Does it come as a pillow?

Anonymous said...

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