Thursday, July 3, 2008

I see I.C cards

The folks at Capcom revealed that the arcade version of SF4 will support the japanese popular arcade cards known as IC cards.

The IC card will allow you to register your name, save you progress and battle points known as zeni which will allow you to purchase characters costumes (remember chun-li's new hot outfit)and accessories with the card such as ringtones for your cell or wallpapers.

Of course this is all japan exclusive for now. we will let you know if capcom announces anything about the US arcade version. As we mentioned before, Street Fighter 4 will be released on July 18th

Pictured are the different IC card designs available.

ps: Daaaaamn july 18th is almost 2 weeks from now


oblique said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHh July 18th, that is me birthday. But I probably won't play SF4 until it comes out on the systems.

Anonymous said...

How can one get his hands on an IC card? I'm in Japan btw ^^

Anonymous said...

I got a SF4 card here in japan, but you HAVE to use a japanese non-prepaid phone to register it. Otherwise the name will just be "NO-NAME" which sucks.

Can't use regular internet either... gotta be mobile internet with a japanese phone.

Anonymous said...

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