Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Street Fighter IV might get released this coming holiday season???

Yes ladies and gentlemen, according to kotaku, Capcom released its financial statements today showing an interesting 14% increase in their revenues and also giving an estimated date on the release of the sure to be a hit blockbuster Street Fighter IV for PS3, xbox360 and PC.

According to the financial statement, Street Fighter IV might get released in this coming holiday season which is in about five months.

Pretty exciting news isn't it?

source: kotaku


Anonymous said...

"Pretty exciting news isn't it?"

yeah but it's kotaku.
but possible it is for sure!

Anonymous said...

For PC? I highly doubt it!

strugler said...

lets hope its true

Anonymous said...

Of all the Platforms the PC is the most likely one to come out first. Supposedly the SF4 arcade machine is basically as specialized WinXP machine.

If that is true then they could release SF4 to the PC in that time frame... maybe.

Anonymous said...

i ithink it will come out for all (pc ps360) at the same time =)

Fenrir said...

In five months we'll be in 2009 x)
I'm betting it'll launch prior to Christmas, since it always boosts games sales.

Shahryar said...

Great news... but they can take their time on SF4 if need be as long as they hurry up and get me SFII HD for now on my PS3

David Miller said...

I was actually thinking about today how Street Fighter could arguably be considered one of the greatest video games ever. In fact, I really think it is.

Anonymous said...

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