Monday, August 4, 2008

Bison, adel and ken's alt outfits

Bison's alt:

Alt ken vs alt Abel video:


Anonymous said...

Bison looks like a mixture between T-Hawk and Vega. Weird combination, but I like it.

Ken's alt could have been much better and much cooler. Something like a casual attire. I'm truly disappointed.

oblique said...

Ken's alternate outfit looks like Allens outfit from the street fighter ex series

twilightboy said...

im not so sure if that is ken's alternate costume, it may just be a pallet swap colour?
time will tell..

strugler said...


it has been confirmed that that is indeed his alt, as it it quite different from his original outfit. the gi is short sleeved, he is wearing a necklace and sneakers.

But it is really quite not original idea really, i would have preferred a casual outfit à la udon comic of street fighter 2v anime

M said...

oo wow, I didn't notice ken was wearing sneakers. I think the costume is pretty cool then. I would've liked something from Street Fighter V too, but this is fine. I thought Abel was the worst character designwise but this costume is acceptable.

Blza said...

D'oh. Ken could be wearing jeans and rubber jacket. Something like Hwoarang in Tekken series. After all he is american!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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