Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First screens and video from the home console version of Street Fighter 4

There you have it folks, the first images and video from Street fighter 4 on consoles, both the video and screenshots do not show any new characters nor stages, it is just a way to tell us that the games is now running on consoles.
as for the character select screen shown in leipzig, it is the same arcade select screen so basically the 16 characters from the arcade version are all fully playable.

To download or stream the video click here

to view the screenshots click here

source: gamerkyo via srk forums


Shahryar said...
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Shahryar said...

How close to the arcade can we expect the console version to be?

oblique said...

Did you watch the video? It looks pretty good to me.

Anonymous said...

it look faster and smoother to me o_O

Anonymous said...

i will play it in a few hours

Anonymous said...

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