Thursday, August 7, 2008

IGN's top 25 Street Fighter Characters

The folks over at IGN have posted a list of what according to them are the top 25 Street Fighter characters.

The Controversy? in their list Sakura is less popular than both Rose, Charlie and Dan!!!

They have not yet published the first 10, as they are adding characters to the list everyday.

Head to IGN here to check the list for yourself

Let the flaming begin!!!

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Anonymous said...

Skullo. Skullo was actually a great character, design and moveset.

You Tube Skullo Dream

Anonymous said...

Well let's be honest here, are any of the SF3 characters more popular than the characters from SF2 or Alpha?

Anonymous said... Cammy and M. Bison are in the top 10 over Sagat and Zangief?!!

Sagat's a kickass design with a great fighting style and is STILL the best boss this series has EVER had! Bison's no fun to play! He's a nonsense design with a made up style. And all so they could provide really stupid backstories for the characters. Such a travesty...

And yes, I get worked up over top 10 lists...;)

Anonymous said...

Street Fighter III 3rd Impact? Wtf...IGN has no idea what they're talking about...

Anonymous said...

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