Friday, August 8, 2008

SSF2THD remix open beta patched and tested

The SSF2THD beta has been patched today. I went home for my lunch break, fired up the beta and like i was promised in Jimmy Rey's latest blog post the xbox 360 asked me if i wanted to update the beta. Being so frustrated by people abusing ken sheninigan shoryu i did not hesitate to accept.

The download took a mere 2 min. I started the beta and to my surprise the game is way more enjoyable than before.

The lag is almost non existant. Even if you get a laggy game it is still very playable and the lag does not last the whole match like before.

Ken's juggling mp shoryuken is gone with the wind, as well as Ryu's jumping mp juggling (i will miss that one).

The game speed is reduced to match the tournament standards and that alone had a huge improvement on the pace of the game.

All in all, a well done job from the folks at backbone ent.

Now if only capcom announces a release date already.

source: Capcom unity blog


Davonne Y. said...

i agree they have improved very much and they've definitely gave it fresh look different than previous versions. Capcom might surprisingly have a couple more improvements before releasing.

Anonymous said...

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