Monday, August 4, 2008

the Street Fighter blog is now officially

As you may have noticed, was the winner choice of the poll we had running a couple of weeks ago, therefore the blog's address is now officially:

The blog can still be reached via the old address, but that will change pretty soon, so i highly suggest to change your bookmarks ;)

The sfb (street fighter blog) forums will go live in a very short amount of time.

I am still working on the new design of the blog and would welcome any suggestion from you fellow readers.

Enjoy your stay over


bgta said...

the new directions affect at the rss or is still valid the blogspot rss?

strugler said...

@ bgta

For now its still valid, i will make an announcement if there is any such change in the future.

John Tinning said...

Is there any chance of the blog going back to its old look? The look at the moment looks messy... especially with the banner etc not edited to match the BG. Looks amatuer

George said...

Hey, congrats on the new site.

Long time reader, not often commenter, but I appreciate what you do.

Gave ya linkage on my blog!

Blza said...

Like your blog.
Used to design though it's just the mod of the one of the default blogger's(imho, the one not with the best layout).

strugler said...

@ john tinning

your wish just came true :)

John Tinning said...

Thanks, looks good :)

Anonymous said...

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