Friday, September 26, 2008

Gouken screenshots are aliiiiiiiiiiive!!!!

As hinted by Shizowa san, and later proven by Famitsu, Gouken makes his firt entrance to world of street fighter games.

After been first mentioned as an april fool joke back in the 1990's then shown in various incarnation throughout the different Street Fighter media (from anim to comics), Gouken is now an official Character of Street Fighter IV.

So far the master is not a playable character, but a powerful opponent you face once you meet certain "HARSH" requirements not Confirmed yet. Rumor has it that you must not looseany rounds.

New Screenshots of the long thought dead Master of Ryu and Ken are now available on the official Street Fighter IV website. (or here in this post :p)

As far as his moveset goes, according to srk forum user Reno, Gouken has both anormal hadoken as well as a diagonal one, his Tatsu maki senpukyaku goes upwards and he has no shoryuken instead he has a dashing palm move of some sort.

Some people might be surprised that Gouken, the master of Ryu and Ken has no Shoryuken move himself, but if you are Street fighter story fanatic like me and if you have read the Street Fighter alpha manga, written by Nakahira san (who really influenced the street fighter games including creating the Karin character), Gouken considered the Shoryuken a forbidden move that can lead one to the satsui no hado (also known in the west as the dark hado)

Enjoy the screens while we are waiting to get a hold of the first Video of the true master of the Fist, Gouken, in action.

source: SF4 dev blog


Nando said...

Kick fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oblique said...

Shouldn't he be kicking Akuma's assets instead. Shoryuken bad? Shin Shoryuken Good? Looks like he has Ryu's kick from SF3 for his saving strike move. Ryu is kind of low when he is hit by the fireball. I wonder if Gouken throw a horizontal one and then a diagonal one?

I want to know Gouken's backstory....NOW!

strugler said...

@ oblique

im working on it master :p

Anonymous said...

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