Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SSF2THD remix almost ready for submission

Some great news here folks, Chrsitan Svenson over at the capcom unity forums mentioned in one of his replies to questions from dedicated capcom fans (like me) that SSF2THD is almost done and ready for submission in the next few weeks.

Here is the exact quote: " I can't say when but the hope is to go into submission to Sony and MS in the next few weeks. The art is done. We've just had our last playtest with some of the balance changes with several Evo players. We're just doing animation cleanup, final gameplay tweaking, network finalization and bug fixing at this point."

Great news indeed, now if only we can have a relase date for the game, as well as a release date for SF4, and maybe a announcement of all the console version extra characters and stages, and also a look at all the anime cutscenes from the game, what extras will be inluded in the collector's edition and a cookie and some milk.

source: Capcom unity forums


in dollar we trust said...

i think you add more info about it.

Anonymous said...

2b honest, i was really hyped for the hd remix, but after waiting SO LONG for it - the excitement has passed for me now.

With all the hype with SF4 on the horizon, i dont really care much for SSF2HD anymore.

The quicker they get this game out the better as im sure im not the only one who's fed up with waiting for it.

mad_monkey said...

i gotta agree with poster above me

Anonymous said...

second that

mdouglas said...

I third that. But I must say, with the release of BIonic Commando Rearmed, I was pleasantly surprised and it has revamped my excitement for HD Remix... but Capcom is notorious for "extending" their deadlines. I remember back in the day waiting forever for SSF2T for SNES only to have it keep getting pushed back. I don't understand what is so hard about setting a date and hitting it. If I missed deadlines, I would be fired!

Jonny Modlin said...

Will there not be downloadable for downloadable content of Street Fighter IV home versions and music? Will there be all stages in Street Fighter IV home versions?

Is Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix coming out in fall 2008?

Anonymous said...

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