Thursday, September 4, 2008

Udon Street Fighter Comics coming to DVD in animated form

Udon annouced today, that it will release, in collaboration with eagleonemedia, the first 6 issues of its street fighter Comics into a dvd in an animated form.
The first dvd will be released on february 3rd and will include the first arc of the story and will include music and voiceovers for all the characters with of course special effect.

here is a small part of the official pres release of the dvd: " Features 2 versions of the video feature - watch without the word text balloons on the screen so it plays like an anime-style film or watch with the word balloons on the screen as the video plays and dialog is spoken like a comic book (great read-along tool for kids).

Run Time: 80 minutes

Ages: 10+ (contains comic book action violence)

Adapts Street Fighter comics Volume 1 issues #0 - 6

First in our Street Fighter animated comic DVD series."

to read the full official press release click here

To remind some of you udon has already done something similar with the trailer for volume 3 of the comics series, if you guys havent seen it yet check it out now here: