Thursday, September 4, 2008

Street Fighter Remix # 0 in stores Today!!!

Finally! after a long break, taken from the comics in favor of the soon to be released SSF2THD, udon is finally back to treat us to the continuation of the excellent Street Fighter Comic series.

Coming to stores today, Street Fighter Remix #0 contains 3 storylines: 

Street Fighter 2 turbo: the continuation to the main Street Fighter story and will last for 12 issues.
Street Fighter III: a new 6 issue series that will debut in January (could last more than 6 if successful).
Street Fighter Legends: Chunli: the Second series of the sf legend comics is a 4 issues title focusing on the fan favorite chun-li and how she became an agent of ICPO

Make sure to pick up the issue today and let us and Udon know what you guys think abt it.

Special thanks to Matt Moylan.