Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Final changelist for the SSF2THD remix characters

Rey Jimmnez has just posted on the capacom unity blog what appears to be the final changelist for all the HD remix characters, ending all kinds of speculation on how the remixed characters will play in the hopefylly soon to be released downloadable game.

Rey also uploaded the first screenshot showing both Bison and Cammy.


Mynando said...

Bison looks cool. Cammy looks okay.

Need to see this in HD action.

Anonymous said...

nice change overall and its cool how they changed some movesets 2 make them easier to execute i jus wished dey wuldnt make akuma take more damge than others i hated that in CVS2

oblique said...

I think Blanka probably has gotten the most advantages out of anyone. Yeah I agree I hate that Akuma takes more damage than others. I really do not understand why that is at all. I hated it in CVS2 and MVC2 (wolverine too). Can someone explain to me why it is necessary to make someone take more damage than others?

strugler said...

Coz he can do more damage to the others i guess :)

m said...

wow, the art looks pretty good. nice to see the art style didnt change for the worse.still wouldve liked ryu and ken to look more like the first style Udon had for the game. cant wait to check the it out.

Anonymous said...

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