Friday, October 24, 2008

Sakura and Chun-li getting a facelift for the home version

In today's official sf4 dev blog post, Shizowa san announced that Sakura has a new face 3d model since the tgs trailer and chun-li will also have a new face model for tnhe home version.

As you may have known, some people complained about sakura's face looking very young and chun-li's one looking odd.

As far as i am concerned chun-li looks fine it is ryu's face and hair that bothers me a bit, i wish they go for a sf2 esque face and hair for Ryu :(

source: sf4 dev blog


Anonymous said...

ryu face n hair has RYU written all over it jus think y wuld his hair be da same every time duh

Anonymous said...

its good they makin sakura face look older but chunli face was fine

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're doing a face lift for Chun. In the current build she looks more Hispanic than Asian. I just wish they would fix Ken's bowl cut. I think the main problem is that it doesn't animate enough.

Ash said...

Good news cos Sakura looks a bit too young. And Chun-li looks as she is now dont get me wrong but agreeing with what someone else said she looks more hispanic than asian. They need to make her look more attractive so we can look at her face and say 'Wow! she is one pretty fiiine ass bitch'.

Anonymous said...

her hispanic lookness is sexy its jus doesnt fit her and i no fix kens hair i knew i wasnt the only person 2 think it looked sort of off plus its too bright yellow

Anonymous said...

Ken's hair is awful.

They should put all resources into fixing it. Sakura is fine.

Anonymous said...

Fix Ken's hair! Its too yellow! Make the yellow more golden like in third strike! Fix Chun-li's face! She should look more Asian! Her current face is NOT the chun-li we fantasize about! Make Sakura older! With some more developed lady lumps! Lmao.

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