Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missed Street Fighter 2 Turbo comic #1 ? no problem you can read it in full On-line

I cannot Thank Udon enough for making my childhood dreams true. I always hoped for a comic series drawn manga style, in full color, and long running as well. The Malibu comics that were released in the 90's left a lot to be desired (more like left everything to be desired).

The Comic series started in 2004 and was a great success. Udon then took a break from the comics last year to focus on the soon to be released SSF2THD Remix. But Udon is now back!!! Last month saw the release of Street Fighter 2 Turbo #1 which continues where the Street Fighter 2 comic series left off.

While i will be posting full review of the issues very soon (hopefully this week-end) i can tell you though that the series is still going strong. If you do not believe me and you are too lazy (or too cheap) to pick up issue #1 head over to ign to read the FULL issue On-line. 

source: ign