Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Street Fighter II Turbo #2 in Stores Today!!!!

If you haven't read Issue #1 of the Street Fighter 2 Turbo comic Series i suggest you check my latest post and head to ign to read it in full, then go to your closest comics shop and pick up Issue# 2 which is been released today.

SF2T Issue #2 features a 6 pages back-up Story revealing the secret history of Abel, one of the new challegers of SFIV. 

full Synopsis of the issue: "
Kick it into turbo! Cammy’s back in the employ of would-be-dictator M.Bison, but who’s side is she really on? Has her deadly Killer Bee persona returned, or has she decided on her own that Bison is leading the winning team? Plus Ryu faces ghosts of his past, present, and possibly even his future! Also in this issue, a bonus back-up story featuring the secret origin of Abel from the all-new Street Fighter IV! "

source: Udon