Friday, November 28, 2008

My win quote(s) ? made it to the game lol

Back in  Januray 24th 2008, capcom asked us the fans to suggest win quotes for Super Street Fighter HD Remix characters and i suggested some that you can check here.

One of the suggestions i made was vega(saying) "im super fabulous" as a win quote and i was actually trying to be funny and to my amazement today that quote was chosen and made into the game LOL

i was playing through the single player mode and after wining a tedious match against ryu, vega said "im super fabulous" LOL i can't stop laughing.

I love you Capcom!

EDIT: Thanx to James and Vice_Mature i found out that the "the i am super fabulous" quote was not the only one of my suggested quotes that made it, Chunli's and Cammy's ones have also been picked:

-"no one will stop me from destroying shadaloo"

-"i will keep fighting until i remember who i really am"

Thank you guys for pointing that out, i am dancing in joy right now LOL  Hopefully 14 years from now i will be telling my Kids: see these 3 win quotes, daddy suggested them lol. it will be a bit difficult explaining the im super fabulous part though 


mynando said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Very good.

Anonymous said...

if i made a website just for street fighter, i would totally be happy as well

Anonymous said...

congrats. i didn't even know there was a contest.

akuma's win quote is well thought out and deep. lol.

James said...


that's amazing!!!

the first time I read that line I was like "who the hell would write that crappy line?"
now it makes sense...

James said...

if I am not mistaken, I guess two of your other lines also showed up in the game

-"no one will stop me from destroying shadowloo"

-"i will keep fighting until i remember who i really am"

next time I play I will look for them

Vice_Mature said...

James is correct. The Chun-li and Cammy ones also made it into the game. As far as the rest, I'm not sure if they made it, since I only play as either Cammy or Chun-li LOL!

mynando said...

I play Chun-Li all the time and I've noticed the "No one will stop me from destroying Shadaloo" quote too.

Ryu3s said...

Did you notice that Vega got "Thank you for a gorgeous time!"

I believe that one came from Street Fighter the later years, lol.

Vice_Mature said...

In 14 years to start a family? Geezus SFBlog, how old are you? LOL

Um... okay, so just a bit of FYI, Sagat says something along the lines of:

"I swear by this scar that I will not rest until I regain the title of the world's strongest."

I'm pretty sure that's how it went. So I suppose it was a play on your suggested Sagat quotation. But Sagat players, please confirm. Cuz I make no claims that that's exactly how it goes.

strugler said...

hey vice_mature, im 26, what i meant is in 14 years i will hopefully have a 10 years old kid that i can tell him that lol :D

Anonymous said...

Sagat says he "will not rest until he regains the World's Strongest title."

Congratz there, strugler, that was a nice one. I liked Chun Li's one, and since I didn't remember her saying that, I was all like "Oh, plot exposition, well thought."

Also, they kept the SHENG LONG line man! That was fricken COOL!

Andf the "Gorgeous time" quote came from TLY, yeah, or at least I think so. I'd laught histerically if Balrog said "What's a kick?". xD

Holygriever said...

Och, that last comment was by me.

Anonymous said...

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