Monday, December 1, 2008

SFIV ads with real actors coming soon ?

Im sure a lot of you guys remember the old Japanese SFII ads, with real actors portraying different Street Fighter Characters. (If you dont check this old sf2 ad here) and the cool effect it had on our little brains back then ;)

well apparently Ono san is doing the same thing with Street Fighter IV as shown today in the famitsu website where we see a young lady dressed as sakura and filming the soon to be released SFIV Ad.

The young lady is a 12 year old japanese actress named Hikari Takada and the pictures on the article are those of her fist day shooting the Street Fighter IV commercial.

check it out!

source: Famitsu


Anonymous said...

god please no!

strugler said...

why not ???

Holygriever said...

Though stupid it might sound, all I can say is:

lol wut!

mynando said...

Okay okay... In an actual fight between this Sakura and "The Legend of Chun-Li's" Kristin Kreuk, who would win?

I say this Sakura girl cos she's younger and has spunk.

Anonymous said...

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