Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shizowa san answers your questions!

In her last week's blog post, Shizowa San answered a bunch of question asked by the fans (the japanese ones to be precise)

Vasili10, from the srk forums, was very kind and translated the whole question and answers for us.

check it out:

"1. Isn't Cammy coming out?

This question is being very abundantly received. Everyone's anticipating with great gloominess aren't they. All of the staff, it seems everyone will be pleased, persisting with utmost effort! Still with also an unannounced supplementary character, perhaps it might be...!? All Cammy fans, please await throbbingly for the complete announcement okay!

2. If it can be done, I want to have destiny meets between mutual characters.

Heheheh. You want it don't you! It's been seen hasn't it! With that said, please anticipate for also this success!

3. Will the story development come to be understood within the game?

This time SF4 is putting effort toward story for each character with setting, with tales, those in time will become one large flow. Playing with just one character, we believe you won't be able to glimpse at the large flow, but with getting to play all the various characters, we believe you'll enjoy receiving SF4's profound, hot story.

4. I absurdly want to see "occasional drawing illustrations" gathering all SF4 characters! Shiozawa-san can a request in any way be put to Ikeno for this?

That request, I've for sure granted! Ikeno will be sketching all-star energy groups for occasional drawing illustrations, not everyone's usual skill can reach such a shape, like incompetent Shiozawa. As he's trying his best with all his might, we properly ask for everyone's support!!

5. Dangit!!!! I don't like this waiting!! This animation has seriously excited me! Getting a fever for this anime! Been a long time since something has appeared to give me goosebumps!

Thank you very much!! Well, I'm really glad for such a comment! If it'll be significant towards more and more excitement, Studio 4 degrees C is in the midst of working on their full-length animation, please look thoroughly forward to it! 

6. To see SF4 operate in my eyes was pretty hot. I was happy. Very happy. For truly going back, meeting the SF characters again, I was able to have feelings of jumping for joy...

The blog comments from the first day the SF4 arcade machine went into operation, were either truly hot, just plain happy comments, while being excited, a little crying I remember reading. People had waited all this time, people enjoying playing, having them see more and more.... Everyone's voice, surely aroused all of us. Thank you so very much!!

7. Today at Ikebukuro GIGO I observed a person who resembled Ono-chan. (laughs)

That, was probably Ono-chan!

8. Gimme Cody, gimme Cody!!!!!!!

Your affection for Cody, is being transmitted, transmitted!!! Whether or not he'll appear in the PS3 & XBOX360 editions, a promise cannot come from Shiozawa's mouth...but, that affection is definitely being circulated!

9. Nakki what do you listen to nowadays?

The cry out on affection for Cody was beyond expectations or so we thought but, why a music question...!? Not that there's no connection with it to SF4 though, so I'll answer. In order for the announcement at TGS 2008, SF4 was collaborated with EXILE! Thus, the game within uses EXILE's original songs, listening to nothing but those everyday.

10. Stop with the head-to-head animations.

Everyone the head-to-head animations are quite popular, can't be updated nowadays, everyone sorry for what your feelings may be. SORRY!!! But, at the Capcom Grand Fighting Festival on Nov. 3, there'll be some high level fighting, and I believe at the official site open to the public, if you'd please again look forward to it!

11. I'd be glad if you add more female characters!

That so isn't it. In the arcade edition, there's only two Chun Li and Viper, and announced for TGS 2008 was Sakura, but hearing the voices saying it's still not enough....At such a time, please Ono-chan! With that said, somehow or other have this request reach Ono-chan!!

12. Do a SF2 RPG.

Wh, what originality!! But, it's a little something to be anxious about... As Shiozawa's private ambition, it'll have to stay hidden in her chest.

13. So if you see there to be too many caps left over, I thought maybe you could distribute them.

That's a matter for the TGS 2008 SF4 booth. Certainly, there are many of that original cap left over! In other words, sure! But at the Capcom Grand Fighting Festival, earned toward consecutive victories, that cap will be given as a present! Please show us your ability.

14. I would've thought the screenshots for Sakura's side would be fine but....

The manner of Sakura's screenshots, in the trailer she's with a newer face! Nonetheless, now it's become a bit more different face perhaps... ?! Progress on the daily development moment by moment, from alternating, when reaching at everyone's usual skill, which face is that of one's favorite character, as you're waiting, keep that in mind as you wait please!
Vasili10 also pointed that the translation might not be perfect but it brings out the main points.

source: sf4 dev blog


Holygriever said...

Who's the woman?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can babelfish too!

3times said...

Surely a blog that claims to be the premier SF blog could get a half decent translator.
What a shame...

strugler said...


sorry bro could not find anyone to be the official translator for the street fighter blog.
i am still looking though :) email me if you know one who can do the job.

Anonymous said...

"As Shiozawa's private ambition, it'll have to stay hidden in her chest."


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