Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rumor Control: Did Ono really hint at an Alpha 3 character?

Two weeks ago i posted about an interview done by the famitsu team where apparently Ono san stated that Street Fighter IV will feature a street fighter alpha 3 exclusive character.

Apparently it was just a mistranslation from Japanese, what Ono san meant was that he does not want street fighter IV to turn into street fighter Alpha 3 by adding a lot of characters.

Great thanx to mmcafe forums user gojira for clearing things up.

So there you go we still pretty much have one more UNKNOWN character to be added to the roster.


Anonymous said...

kewl, thanx for sharing

mdouglas said...

dang... Thanks for clearing this up.

Anonymous said...

koo but EVIL RYU watch it be him

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Alpha 3? I LOVE that game!

Anonymous said...

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