Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is OUT on PSN!!!!

Go grab it tigers!!!! SSF2THD Remix is finally out on PSN (Tomorrow for xbox live). The awesome remake is only $14.99

Go grab it guys!  find me online psnid: strugler  (if you are going to add me plz mention the Street fighter blog on the friend request )

see ya online!


Holygriever said...

Just added j00.


Julian Spillane said...

Hey man. Going to add you tonight (psnid: FrozenJu).


strugler said...

i will be Online starting from 4:30pm EST
i will defeat all those who oppose me muahahahaha (bison's laugh)

also remeber guys you really must defeat sheng long to stand a chance


Shinkuuuu.... Hadooooooken!!!

Holygriever said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. PSN ID "Holygriever" (NOOOO, REALLY?! =P).

I don't really know the Time Zones for the USA (Blanka is my neighbor, yay!), so I'll just use GMT instead. I'm usually online around 1am to 2am GMT during the week, but only for a few minutes. No fixed tiome for weekends, though. Anyway, see you guys online. I may be a Ken player, but I promise I'll PILEDRIVE YOUR FACES! :D

Anonymous said...

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