Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is now Out on Xbox Live!

Hey guys and gals! SSF2THD Remix has just got released on Xbox Live. I played the game on psn and it is aaawesome. If you are an Xbox 360 owner do not miss playing the best SF2 version to date.

SSF2THD Remix costs 1200 Points. The game has gotten amazing reviews So far.

Round 1 FIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Is this available for Europe players now too?

strugler said...


Yes it is available on xbox live in europe as well

papucho said...

Hey strugler what's your gamertag?

papucho said...

OK I just got it, they aren't even advertising it in the front page or in the "New arrivals section" wtf.. I had to dig through the game browser to find and download it.

They still have the front page advertisement as "Coming soon"... idiots!

Btw can anyone recommend a good fighting joystick or gamepad for xbox? This is the only fighting game I've bought on xbox360 and didn't know how bad the dpad was, straight garbage!

Steve said...

Being from the UK... I'm gutted that there's been a delay on the PSN version.

Sony best step up their game as im seriously considering trading in my PS3 for an Xbox.

Sony have really fallen behind Microsoft on the console war! Games are late, limited & expensive on the playstation3.

I'm sure i'm not the only one either who are converting to X-Box.

strugler said...


sorry man i dont have xbox line anymore i switched to psn a long time ago.

i will be tonight on psn to fight all those who dare to challenge me lol (jk im not that good in st :p)

feii said...

papucho, pick up the hori EX2 sticks. i think they sell for about 60 dollars. also there are going to be sticks released with SF4 but that will be a while for now if you want to wait.

i am gonna download this in a little. wow, i'm so excited. haha. =)

M said...

Woooo!!! just downloaded sfhd this morning. pretty damn cool. seeing all the large sprites. best sprites are bison, guile and blanka.

papucho said...

@ feii:


Anonymous said...

pretty cool game so far. i'm having fun with it.

mynando said...

Fucking awesome game!!

Add me to your friends...Gamertag: myNando

feii said...

nice find papucho. haha, yeah that's the street fighter 4 arcade stick. it'll be a while before it comes out though.

i downloaded the game today. it's so much fun and lots of good players online too. i need more practice. haha.

Anonymous said...

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