Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Capcom CES Party in Vegas will feature the final build of Street Fighter IV

According to Seth Killian, Capcom is having a party in vegas on January 9th. Among other things, the party will feature the latest build of Street Fighter IV with new stages. Online play will also be demoed by Yoshinori Ono.

If you are going to be in vegas during that day and you are a member of Capcom unity send this fell a note and you might get chosen to attend. Remember you need to be at least 21 years old and have received an invitation from Capcom.

To whoever is going to attend this event: plz forget the "what goes in vegas stays in vegas" crap when it comes to this event, if you dont share with us gameplay footage of Rose and Gen im gonna personally hunt you down and "shun goku satsu" your ass   >:-(         jk

source: Capcom Unity


Jonny Modlin said...

That is very exciting that it will be the final build of Street Fighter IV console versions with more new stages shown at the Capcom event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anonymous said...

lol RAGING DEMON they ass if there is no footage strugler lol

Anonymous said...

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