Monday, December 29, 2008

The Street Fighter Blog Reviews Udon's Street Fighter II Turbo #3

Street fighter 2 Turbo issue 3 is now out and available on comic book stores shelves, the comic features the continuation of the Street Fighter Storyline as well as a back up story featuring Street Fighter IV's new lucha libre El fuerte. How good is udon's latest street fighter issue?, keep reading to find out (be advised few spoilers ahead):

Story: The Story of the udon's Street Fighter series is really the highlight that made the book so popular and this issue is no exception, in fact this issue looks so far to be the best in the turbo series. The book starts by giving us a look at Fei-long's movie star life as well as his origins, then goes on to the main tournament storyline where the tournament qualifiers are now taking place in Hong Kong. We are then treated to a great fight between Adon (yes he is back) and Dhalsim as well as a batlle royal featuring Fei long against a bunch of martial artist. 

Although from my description the issue sounds more like an action one it really features quite a lot of story telling compared to the previous issues. The storyline is going forward faster than before and the fact that there are no more flashbacks of previous issues really helps with overall progression of the story.

This issue also features the fan favorite Cammy and gives us a hint to her future role in the Street Fighter Tournament which looks pretty interesting.

As mentioned above, Street Fighter II Turbo #3 features a back up story of El fuerte. The story is four pages long but really fun to read. without spoiling anything let's just say El fuerte has a connection to another street fighter character from ssf2 and that he is a fan of a street fighter alpha character.

The Art: If you have read my two previous reviews you would remember that i have mentioned that Chamba's art has improved from issue 1 to 2. I would have to say the same about Street Fighter II Turbo #3. Chamba is really improving with each new issue, its easily noticable that he is now paying more attention to details, backgrounds are not empty anymore and the fights action never looked this good. 

An exemple of how good Chamba is at drawing action sequences is the fight between Adon and Dhalsim, the way the fight is drawn makes you feel the different styles of the two fighters, you can feel Dhalsim fighing while being very calm while adon is irritated and enraged. It is difficult to express the feeling you get from that fight but if you get the chance to read the issue you will understand. 

A fun thing to mention is the ammount of cameos Chamba has drawn in this issue, just to name a few: Rufus, Q, and Guy. Make sure to look in every crowd within the book to find them all ;-)

The back up story is as usual drawn by Joe Ng, the main artist of the upcoming Street Fighter IV mini series, and he really delivers again with this el fuerte back up story. Great drawings as well a great coloring makes this bonus story easily fit within the udon Street Fighter comics continuity.

Closing Comments: The latest Issue of Street Fighter 2 Turbo is simply great. The story is moving forward and getting more interesting, Chamba's art is on its way to be in level with Alvin lee and Arnold Tsang and the back up story is too much fun to read. If you have not picked up this issue yet i suggest you do so immediatly and let me know in the comments section what you think of it.

Final Score: 9/10   


Aaron said...

I just bought this comic today, haven't read it yet but I am excited to do so. I kinda skimed over the review but not enough to spoil anything. Thanks for the review and the hard work you put into this blog. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet review, ill buy this one as soon as i can.

sweet_tiger said...

cool review. but am not digging this new artist they chose should have sticked with whomever did their previous series.

Anonymous said...

who is el fuete connected to and a fan of?

Anonymous said...

There are 2 cameos very early in this book, just outside the theater of Fei Long's movie you can see Rufus (SFIV) and Q (SFIII:TS) in the crowds.

P.S. Adon gets beat soundly :P

Anonymous said...

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