Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gamepro Previews Street Fighter IV has a new preview up for the most anticipated fighting game of 2009 and that is of course Street Fighter IV.

The preview article seems to be the same article that is available on the january issue of Gamepro. The article also feature a small interview with Ono San where he discusses the Online features of Street Fighter IV, and believe me when i say it sounds solid.

from the preview: We don't you put up hurdles...we want to make it as easy as if there was someone sitting next to you in an arcade," Ono hints. "We're going to engineer the home version of the game so you can actually play in arcade mode and you can turn on a function that would allow match-making in the background, so you could just have somebody jump in exactly as they would at the arcade," Ono says. "No one's really done this before, so it has potential to be really, really huge."