Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Famitsu reveals all of Rose and Gen's moves in pretty pictures

Gen and Rose were the last character to be confirmed and as usual, is ere to spoil us with every single move of the new confirmed characters.

Things that i think are pretty cool, are Gen's two styles that offer two different ultras making Gen the only character in sf4 with multiple supers and ultras.

Rose's ultra looks pretty cool too.


Anonymous said...

those ultras were sick specially that GEN one where the screen goes black kudos for capcom
ps this game will sell ALOT

derrick said...

where's guy/cody ibuki matoko

Anonymous said...

why they dont have any ex characters

Anonymous said...

don't like rose but the lighting for her moves looks great.

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES ABOUT EX CHARACTERS THEY ARE ONLY A SPIN-OFF THIS IS TRUE STREET FIGHTER so no more metionin ex chars the gameplay was slow and was nothin compared to SF3 or aplha or even SFII if u want ex chars go play ex

Anonymous said...

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