Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kristen Kreuk kicking ass as Chun-li

Game watch has just shared with the world new screenshots of the upcoming Street Fighter flick legend of Chun-li. 

the images show Chun-li in action as well as chunners meditating with her master Gen played by robin Shou (famous for his role as the champion of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang).

ps: shouldnt we be seeing a trailer by now, since this movie is coming out in February ??? weird :-/


asiantom said...

Ehh, I was hoping they'd make Robin Shou look a little more like Gen! But, I suppose they thought Gen's white hair and beard were too ridiculous for a live action movie?

Anonymous said...

No, not weird.

Why make a trailer when a movie is going straight to DVD?

strugler said...

LOL @ Anonymous

cmon dude dont be harsh, something tells me this movie will surprise all of us, or at least i hope so :(
i dont wanna relive that huge feeling of getting screwed and watching your beloved series getting raped You know, that same feeling i had while watching stret fighter movie in 1994

Anonymous said...


mynando said...

I think Capcom's messing with our minds and when the movie comes out, it's gonna be really good. Watch.

Anonymous said...

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