Thursday, December 11, 2008

SSF2THD Remix got almost cancelled during develpement

According to David Sirlin who spoke to videogamer about the now available hit SSF2THD Remix, the title got almost cancelled due to Art problems. As most of us know, the main reason for the one year delay was in fact due to the Art. 

I am just glad they decided to do their best to release as the game is superb. I hope the sales are good so it pays back capcom's hard work.

Sirilin: " Yeah [cancelling the game] was a possibility. It felt the most possible during that first phase during the art that we had to throw away. It was unspoken but everyone just knew it that if that art wasn't going to work out then maybe they were going to cancel the whole thing. And turns out they didn't. I wonder if there was just so much pressure from the outside that kept them going, I mean from the world of gaming. Everyone knew about the project by then."

source: Videogamer via Kotaku