Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Street Fighters will soon invade a certain little big planet!

Ryu and Co will soon invade the peaceful world Little big Planet via a downloadable pack. This first pack includes Ryu, Chunners, Guile and the red cyclone Zangief.

The pack will be available on 12/11/08 and will cost $5.99 (you can also buy each character individually for 1.99 each)

From Capcom Unity: "From Capcom and SCEA come the toughest little Sackperson costumes to hit the streets yet. Capcom is proud to introduce the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix costumes for Little Big Planet. Each costume is painstakingly detailed down to the last stitch to recreate the look and feel of your favorite characters from HD Remix.

This collaboration between Capcom and Sony is something we really wanted to do for all of the fans. Both companies have been very hard at work getting these characters into this new world. We hope fans and new players will enjoy the chance to download these very iconic costumes and explore new planets as their favorite Street Fighter characters."

source: Capcom Unity